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Application Process

How do I begin my application with PRINCIPALIA?

Visit our website and browse through our job vacancies. If you find a job opening suitable to your qualifications, you can send your resume to It is also advisable if you would personally bring your resume to our office in Makati so that you’ll be able to talk to a Recruitment Specialist/Assistant who will be able to explain to you more about the job vacancy you are applying for.

If you do not find a job opening suitable to your qualifications, come and visit our office as not all job vacancies are advertised. Who knows, you might be able to find the job you are looking for! You can also send your resume or fill up our online application form and once we find a job opening for you, we will surely get in touch!

What documents do I need to prepare before applying at PRINCIPALIA?

You need to prepare the following:

• Your updated Resume with detailed description of your job experiences
• At least three copies of your recent 2×2 picture
• Certificate/s of Employment and other training certificates

In addition, make sure that you already have a Philippine passport that is valid for at least a year. If you still don’t have one, you can still send your resume to our company while you are applying for a passport.

May I apply even if I am out of the country?

You may still apply even if you are out of the country. All you have to do is email your resume to or fill out the application form found in our website. Just make sure that once you have been shortlisted by our client, there is a possibility that you’ll be in the country on the scheduled date of interview.

How much is the salary?

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) prescribes a minimum salary range for each work category depending on the country where you will be deployed. This serves as a guide but not the basis of the salary which our clients offer our applicants. Your salary will depend on the job you are applying for, your qualifications and the company making the offer but rest assured that our clients only offer the best compensation package one could ever have.

Who should I talk to when applying with PRINCIPALIA?

You should talk to the Recruitment Specialist or Recruitment Assistant assigned to the account you are applying for. Just ask our friendly staff to refer you to the right person!

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

It depends. Processing will start only after you have been interviewed by the prospective employer, after you have been offered a position with their company and after you have complied with the requirements of Principalia.

I was one of these fortunate to be selected upon interview, how long do I have to wait before I get deployed?

It depends. If you have complied with the requirements on time, your documents will be transmitted immediately to the employer and the employer, in turn, can commence with your visa processing. The period within which your visa will be acted upon will depend on the Ministry of Labor (or its equivalent) in the country where you applied. Some take longer than others and some gets rejected while others get approved immediately.

If you didn’t comply with our requirements on time, your visa cannot be processed and it will take longer for you to be deployed.

I was interviewed by a foreign employer but unfortunately, I was not selected? What should I do next?

Don’t give up! There are still other options for you! You should consider applying with our other employers. Ask our staff for job openings in other countries where you will be able to make use of your qualifications. Bear in mind that your application starts anew so you just have to be patient.

I’ve been waiting for months now and still no news about my application for overseas employment, what could be the reason for that?

There are a lot of factors involved if you still haven’t heard any news about your application:

• You still haven’t complied with our requirements as well as that of the employer
• You failed to show your commitment to the job we are offering
• Your visa is still pending approval

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