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Company Profile

PRINCIPALIA MANAGEMENT AND PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS, Inc. is one of the top recruitment agencies in the Philippines. We are located in the heart of Makati City, the commercial and financial district of the Philippines. Our office is a 5-minute walk from Greenbelt and Glorietta malls and across the street from the Makati Cinema Square.


We are a service provider of world class professionals and highly skilled workers for many of the world’s leading global companies in the fields of Healthcare, Engineering, Construction and General Labor, Oil and Gas, Hospitality (Hotel and Restaurant Management), Manufacturing, Sales, Information Technology, among others. Most of our clients are from Australia, Canada, and the Middle Eastern countries, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Africa and members of the European Union such as Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.


It is our commitment to provide our clients with only the best-qualified applicants for their human resource needs. These applicants have been through a rigorous selection process which include various mental aptitude exams, skill testing and psychological evaluation so that our clients are guaranteed to hire only world-class employees.

Our staff consists of young professionals who are competitive, creative, mature and dynamic team players guided by one mission – to provide meaningful employment to Filipino workers. Our employees are trained in a corporate recruitment environment where they can enhance and strengthen their skills and meet new challenges ahead. They enjoy attractive compensation packages and incentives which put them on a clear path towards becoming globally competitive executives. Whether they are experienced or new in the global job market, we are always looking for energetic, motivated people who want to do their best and make a difference.

At Principalia, we take pride in having contributed to the professional, financial and personal growth of our clients and employees. We believe that their success is also our company’s success!


Principalia Management and Personnel Consultants, Inc. (Principalia) is a duly authorized recruitment agency with POEA license no. 184-LB-060612-R. Since its inception in 1999, the company has deployed thousands of overseas workers and is still consistently sending the best workers to its clients all over the world.


We provide our clients with the right people at the right time, every time.


To be the Number 1 recruitment firm in the Philippines


Corporate values are the organization’s essential and enduring tenets – smaller set of timeless guiding principles that require no external justification; they have intrinsic value and importance to those inside the organization. They go beyond just making money. They are independent of the current environment, competitive requirements, or management fads. These core values must stand the test of time. Principalia Inc. finds people who already have a predisposition to share the Company’s core values and purpose and attract and retain these people.


Principalia Inc. adopts the following corporate values:


EXCELLENCE At Principalia, you must always do your best. If you don’t know something, ask. Improve every day, every week, every month and every year.


INTEGRITY Every member of Principalia Inc. seeks to promote integrity. It also means being honest, fair and respectful of others. In describing or reporting qualifications, services, fees, he does not make statements that are false, misleading, or deceptive. He strives to be aware of his own belief systems, values, needs and limitations and the effect of these on his work. If you don’t have it, don’t work for Principalia.

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Every member of Principalia Inc. upholds professional standard of conduct, clarifies his professional roles and obligations, accepts appropriate responsibility for his decisions, and adapts his methods to the needs of the company’s partners, customers and suppliers. Employees of Principalia must take full responsibility for their actions.

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